Basecamp In Hokkaido

Holding down the fort in Sapporo 🙂

I’m an American expat who’s been a resident of Sapporo for over 7 years and I absolutely love it here! I’m a proud Automattician who works mostly from home, but I do occasionally enjoy getting out to roam the city. Lucky for me, I’m located right next door to a major subway station, so I’m able to relocate to any area in Sapporo relatively quickly.

Home Office

My standard work setup at home consists of my main laptop and an external monitor for added efficiency.

Basecamp #01 (New House)
Bascamp #02 (Old Apartment)

Remote Office

When I’m out and about, all I need to get work done are my headphones, laptop, mobile wifi, and a place to sit — preferably at a cafe.

This page is being constantly updated. Whenever I come across a sweet new spot to work from, I’ll post it here 🙂