Keimei was able to score some New Year’s money from one of our relatives 😀


Another traditional Japanese New Year decoration. This time on our front door. It’s said to keep bad spirits away.


Recent late night Netflix binge seshes involve a bag of chips, a Heineken, and Narcos. Season 3, here I am.

Freedom To Publish

First time drinking out of this mug. I can see why my wife prefers not to use it — it weighs like a brick.

Chunky Pigeons

On my way out from lunch, I saw these pigeons just chilling (quite literally) on the sidewalk. These things would simply not budge from their spots when approached. I guess that’s what the current -13 C degree winter weather would do to you though.

Bug Out Kit

Disaster ready. Can’t ever be too safe.

Japan has been unfortunately a magnet for disasters in recent times. To name just a few that have occurred within this year and last:

  • North Korea missile testing [#]
  • Osaka earthquake [#]
  • Okayama flood [#]
  • Typhoon Jebi [#]
  • Hokkaido earthquake [#]

I can admittedly say I’ve become slightly obsessed with putting together & researching items for disaster kits, as well as learning the pioneering art of ‘bushcraft’.

I realized how unready we were to evacuate at a moment’s notice after the recent earthquake we experienced here in Hokkaido.

If for any any reason I find myself in an apocalypse type situation, I’d certainly like to be ready and know what the f*ck I’m doing/going to do in order to STAY ALIVE.