Samurai Wapuu Sticker Bomb

I finally decided to sticker bomb my laptop. However, I still wanted to keep it minimal, relevant, and most importantly badass. There was only sticker that came to mind…

Massage Chair

The Ito Yokado I pass through on my way home every day seems to have installed a massage chair station on their 2nd floor. You best believe I’m hitting up that “outer-space” massage experience they’re toting here.


Cash Rules Everything Around Me

A coincidentally relevant song to listen to while reading Rich Dad Poor Dad.

Lego Sapporo Subway

I’ve never gotten around to taking some decent pictures of this scene, but I’ve always admired it. Here they are!

Design Is Business

Meanwhile, at a local bookstore located in the northern frigid parts of Sapporo Japan, I spot from the corner of my eye a familiar face. Sitting, quite literally, under the business magazine section on the cover of Forbes

Nengajo Twenty Nineteen

Japanese New Year’s cards in the making.

Soup Bowl

And sometimes used for oyakodon

Tableware design by Tachikichi


This year looks like good fortune is upon us! Keimei and I both got 大吉, while Kosato got 小吉 🙂