Kagami Mochi

In the spirit of Japanese New Year’s, my wife bought three of these things. Apparently, it’s a tradition to place these in the house. Then when New Year’s is over, we’d eat it.

Kagami mochi, made of rice harvested in fall of the same year, is thought to contain the pure spirit of rice and thus be possessed with toshigami, a yearly deity that is said to visit during the New Year’s period, bringing a good harvest and the blessing of ancestors, and the power of life, according to the Japan Kagami Mochi Association.

Japan Times

Freedom To Publish

First time drinking out of this mug. I can see why my wife prefers not to use it — it weighs like a brick.


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Recently, I found out that my beloved bakery opened up shop in Odori! Since then, I’ve been coming here for lunch almost every other day. While today was only the first time actually sitting in, on most days I’d just pick up my bread favs, then head over to Space Kante (coworking space).

Dynasty Ski Resort

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After a year of waiting, I was finally able to hit the slopes this year! I bought my new gear at the end of the season last year, so it was too late to get in any sessions, but the wait is now over. I am going boarding EVERY DAY until the end of the season 😀

Arthur & Fran

Congratulations to this beautiful couple! We look forward to seeing both of you again really soon!