Automattic Grand Meetup 2019: Sunshine State (Part Deux)

What’s up everyone! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve updated this thing.

As you can imagine, a lot has happened since the last time I published a post.

Today I want to highlight my most recent trip to Orlando, Florida (yes, again!), which was for Automattic’s 2019 Grand Meetup.

I failed to take any pictures this year…

BUT, this is only because I was much more focused on shooting video this time around. In fact, video editing is something that’s been a passion of mine for a long time.

Now, that I have a decent camera, I’ve been putting it to use. Quite. Extensively.

FUN FACT: My last team meetup was in Seoul, Korea. Check out my video recap on it!

The hotel we stayed at was literally across the street from where we stayed at last time.

We of course had different keynote speakers, classes to take, swag to be gotten, food to be eaten, people to meet — the whole shebang was there.

With that said, I don’t think I can provide much more commentary on what was different compared to last year. Go check out my last recap on the 2018 GM if you haven’t already 🙂

Instead, I present to you my little three part video series of my journey from Sapporo to the GM for this year!

EPISODE#01: Sapporo to Orlando

EPISODE#02: GM Highlights PT.1

EPISODE#03: GM Highlights PT.2

Bonus Clip

I wouldn’t be doing this post any justice if I just leave at it that without mentioning the best part of the GM… which is the people.

Above, you’ll see me with my fellow Asiamatticians, Japanmatticians, and my team. Eventually, I’ll update this post once our company photo comes out. So, until then…

Check out some more Grand Meetup pictures and updates snapped by other Automatticians! We’re on:

Instagram#a8cgm | Twitter#a8cgm | #a8cgm


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