Thanksgiving Ramen

Today Kosato was really really really craving ramen, so we went to Tetsuya for lunch. It’s certainly been awhile since we’ve gone out to eat ramen, so what better time to go than on Thanksgiving! In Japan, there is no Thanksgiving of course, so after living here over six years now, I’ve almost forgotten about it (so sad). Continue reading “Thanksgiving Ramen”

Niigata Weekend Trip

Sapporo ➡ Niigata

I had a rather lovely time with my wife & son when we travelled to Niigata for a few days for a family wedding a couple weekends ago. I thought I’d try something different this time around for summarizing our trip—I’d recap in GIFs! Mostly because I think GIFs are just way more interesting than plain old pictures and captions, but also somewhat admittedly because I’m feeling just a tad bit lazy to write tonight (so I’ll just go ahead and let the GIFs do most of the talking) 😝Continue reading “Niigata Weekend Trip”

20 Months

Today my son is 20 months old! Time certainly does fly 🙂