Journey Back To America: First Contact

Since coming to Japan, I’ve only gone back to the US once, and that was nearly five years ago in 2013.

This year will be the first time coming back since then, and I have this opportunity because my company’s Grand Meetup is taking place in America this year. Granted, the meetup is in Orlando, Florida β€” the opposite end of San Diego (my hometown) β€” I still feel at home.

Leaving Sapporo

Upon Arrival

Immigration Officer: You currently live in Japan, but you’re here on business?

Me: That’s correct, sir.

Immigration Officer: And what field of work is this in?

Me: Web development.

Immigration Officer: Ah, so I.T. then.

*stamp, stamp, stamp*

Immigration Officer: *hands me back my passport* You have a good day. Welcome home.

Me: Thank you, glad to be back, sir.

Hotel Hilton Orlando Buena Vista

Mandatory Family FaceTime

I’ll be in Orlando for a whole week until October 6th, spending time with the entire Automattic crew! I’ll try to make a daily post of my experience if I can. Otherwise, if not, expect a long epic one at the very end πŸ™‚

There’s No ‘I’ In Team

I’m grateful to have a joined a company that is built on remote work culture, as I quite enjoy having the autonomy and freedom to work on what, when, and where I want, but more than that, it’s the folks working behind the curtains that make all the difference, at least for me.

As of this writing, there areΒ 751 Automatticians in 66 countries speaking 81 different languages distributed across the globe, all working remotely on different teams.

I work alone, but never have I felt lonely. For me, opening up Slack on my computer is sort of like the equivalent of walking into an office. Certainly, that’s a major difference between working remotely on your own, versus working remotely with a team.

The ‘who’ is really what ties my Automattic work experience all together in this type of remote environment. I’m part of a small team that spans across the APAC region of the world, and we’re known as Team Patronus πŸ™‚Continue reading “There’s No ‘I’ In Team”