PEAEB Weekly Update #004

Quote Of The Week

People don’t take opportunities because the timing is bad, the financial side unsecure. Too many people are overanalyzing. Sometimes you just have to go for it.

Michelle Zatlyn, Co-founder of CloudFlare

Assorted Fish Highlights

Sapporo Miso No Ramen

Google Maps Not bad, but not out of this world either. If you’re in need of a quick ramen fix, this joint would be acceptable.

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Current addiction. I only wish they didn’t wrap each cookie individually.

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Massage Chair

The Ito Yokado I pass through on my way home every day seems to have installed a massage chair station on their 2nd floor. You best believe I’m hitting up that “outer-space” massage experience they’re toting here.

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Cheese Chicken Katsu Curry Bowl

This monster beast is from Katsuya.

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Sashimi Sagayama

Google Maps This old looking shack serves the best sashimi you can get around these parts. Don’t expect it to be cheap either.

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Oni Wa Soto, Fuku Wa Uchi!

Celebrated setsubun on Sunday, but more importantly, celebrated Keimei’s 3rd birthday! That of course deserves a post of its own, which I’ll be publishing soon.

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  • Worked mostly from home this week (at least in the mornings).
  • Finished up Punisher Season 2. Solid show! But was bummed to read right after that it might get cancelled. Netflix won’t be doing anyone any favors if this show gets cancelled. Just saying.
  • Continued reading of Rich Dad Poor Dad. My financial literacy has widened substantially ever since picking up this book. I think I’m on track for finishing it up this week. May write a more comprehensive review on it later on.
  • And the highlight of my week — Keimei’s 3rd birthday over the weekend! It’s unbelievable how fast kids grow. I think it’s because you no longer think about your own age when you have a child. Time is kept tracked by your kids. Separate post on this soon.

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2 thoughts on “PEAEB Weekly Update #004

  1. I think the Punisher going away on Netflix is mostly because Disney plans to re-jigger these shows for its own streaming service. Same will probably apply to Luke Cage (already canceled?), Jessica Jones, and Daredevil. Would be a bummer if they show up on the Disney service in a much more watered-down style though.

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