Quote Of The Week

Find the smartest people you can and surround yourself with them.

Marissa Meyer, CEO, Yahoo!

Assorted Fish Highlights

Rakkyo Hokkaido Soup Curry

Google Maps

Lego Sapporo Subway

I’ve never gotten around to taking some decent pictures of this scene, but I’ve always admired it. Here they are!

My Sofa & Foldable Desk

When I’m not at my main desk, or I’m not out and about, you will probably find me working at my secondary desk. Usually snuggled up in the corner of my sofa. And with a coffee or two.


Cash Rules Everything Around Me A coincidentally relevant song to listen to while reading Rich Dad Poor Dad.


  • Ordered and received my new ‘desk‘! I first saw this product from an ad on IG, CozyDesk was the name I believe. But if you search for foldable or portable desk on Amazon, you’ll find that there are a million other clones that are literally the exact same thing — all being private labeled. With that in mind, I just went for the cheapest deal and was able to cop mine for 2980 yen (est. 27 USD). To put that in comparison, there were others being sold at higher prices, some reaching to even $200 USD! At any rate, I’m very satisfied with my new desk and am now able to comfortably lie on my sofa or bed, and work at the same time!
  • Put ‘Narcos’ Season 3 on hold, and started binging on ‘The Punisher’ Season 2 (so good). The only thing I’m somewhat confused about is your face, Billy… I would’ve imagined it would have been a lot more messed up after what Frank did to it in season one. Or maybe you just had one helluva surgeon…
  • Went out to eat sushi at Hanamaru with Kosato’s good friend and their family.
  • Met with our financial planner. Applied to some new health insurance schemes. Our FP by the way is freakin’ AMAZING. It’s difficult to find a good one around these parts.
  • Spent a total of 6+ hours over the weekend shoveling a week’s worth of snow buildup around our house. At first it was all fun and games. Now, the amount of snow we’re getting has gotten to a point where my body is now dying from all the shoveling.