Japanese New Year’s would be the equivalent of an American Thanksgiving — all day feasting. And for three straight days.

This year, and the year before last, we opted out of the traditional osechi. First, it’s ridiculously expensive. And two, we’re not (or at least I’m not) a very big fan of what’s included in it, especially if I need to pay for an arm and leg to get it.

As an alternative, we agreed on spending our money on food we actually like — makes sense.


Sake (+ snacks)

Which is basically more food, but these would serve as intermediary munchies. Craft beer, potato chips, chocolates… (no regrets)

All Day Binge Watching

One interesting thing I always look forward to are the various variety shows that are featured during the New Year period. I’m not crazy about Japanese television, but shows like VS嵐 or Downtown never fail to sneak a few laughs outta me. I’m also always on lookout for 大食いファイターズ but it seems there haven’t been any specials during the past couple years.

Other Interesting Japanese New Year Tidbits

At any rate, it was an eventful twenty-eighteen, and we’re ready to take twenty-nineteen head on!