Seven Years. Seven Milestones.

August 15th, 2011 was the day I arrived in Japan for the very first time in my life, and since then, have never looked back. 

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Dug this up from my Tumblr archives😅
  • 2011 Moved to Japan to live & work — Taught English to all ages of individuals: kids, JHS & HS students, adults
  • 2014 Married a beautiful wife whom I’d spend the rest of my life with
  • 2015 Had a grand wedding + honeymoon in Italy
  • 2016 Brought a son into this world
  • 2017 Honed in on my true career calling, and hustled hard to prepare myself to apply for my dream job
  • 2018 Became a permanent resident of Japan
  • 2018  Joined the motley crew at Automattic

And if destiny hasn’t brought me around full circle, then I don’t know what has, because in a week, my family & I will be moving out of our apartment and into a house located in the very same area I lived in when I first came to Japan, Fukuzumi (i.e. the last station on the Toho subway line where folks get off to go to Sapporo Dome).

Movement. Growth. Ambition.

Everything builds.

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Movement. Growth. Ambition. Everything Builds.

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