Brown Rice Diet: Apparently It’s A Thing

I don’t usually do diets, but on a rather spontaneous decision, the other day I decided I’d try this brown rice diet my wife maybe half-jokingly suggest we try. I was intrigued because on the pamphlet she showed me, the catchline went somewhere along the lines of the following: What!? Lose 5KG in 10 days!?


Ten days seems like a reasonable number in regards to the amount of time to give something like this a try. It’s not too long that it’ll seem like an eternity, nor is it unrealistically short.

The idea is simple: eat nothing but brown rice for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and you’ll lose weight. I can’t eat any other foods like vegetables or fruits — it’s gotta be COMPLETELY BROWN RICE. I can drink water or tea, but even tea seems questionable.

I just recently bought this new organic Indian chai tea I saw at a natural foods store that my wife really loves. (MaccaLi

But I think this should be fine since it’s organic. It’s really good actually, and spicy — just the way I like my chai 🙂

Additionally, the only other ingredients that I’m allowed to add to this brown rice for taste are salt…

and or umeboshi.


I plan on documenting my experience for these ten days, just as a way to stay active here. It also gives me a good opportunity to start testing and posting via Gutenberg.

With all that said, tonight will be my last day of normal meals before I go BROWN.

Indulging a bit…

Originally, I wanted to start this evening, but when I asked my wife what we were having for dinner, she said ramen… hnnnghh

Let the suffering challenge begin TOMORROW.

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