I’m gonna try something a little new from today, and that’s in regards to short-form blogging (perhaps also known as micro-blogging) — what better time to experiment with this than from the first day of Team Patronus’ first meetup! We’re going to meetup in Shirahama, Japan from June 26th – July 3rd (and I’m here working from the airport right now) 💻🤓😊🍻

Typically, I will not be writing this much from here on out, mainly because it wouldn’t be micro-blogging if I did, right? Additionally, I’m writing this from the iOS WordPress app, which I don’t want to be using to write full-out blog posts anyway.

So for the duration of this week (until July 3rd), you may see just a series of ‘photo posts’ with very minimal text.

The goal of this experiment is to utilize the WordPress app as a micro-blogging platform, and see how that goes.

Stay tuned for much more 🙂