It’s been a while! And I just want to reflect on the past 5 weeks since I started with Automattic. It’s been a roller coaster ride with the time moving by so quickly these days. Perhaps, I’m living parallel by the old adage — time flies when you’re having fun.I mentioned in my previous post the 5 W’s that go into making my new job so enjoyable. In this post, I’ll be writing more on the what aspect of my job.

Every day I wake up looking forward to work, mostly because I enjoy the job itself — helping others troubleshoot or build out their websites, interacting with colleagues, being able to work out of cafes.

The city I live in plays a huge part in enjoying the remote aspect of the job, such that Sapporo has such a well organized and efficient public transportation system, I’m able to relocate anywhere in the city within minutes using either the JR train, subway, bus, or street car. And the fact that Sapporo is a bustling urban city, but not too condensed and manic like Tokyo, it makes working in and around the city really fun.

Automattic is proud to be a completely distributed remote company, and part of how it  promotes this side of the culture is by providing free company swag to its employees (and even their families). Swag, lots of it. In all different shapes and sizes!


Stickers are standard. Colorful, eye-popping decals make sticker-bombing your planner or laptop stand out amongst the crowd. I usually always have this basic pen and paper planner with me, either when I’m at home or at a cafe. If there’s one thing that I’ve kept traditional, it’s probably writing my schedule down in a planner. I tried using apps and online calendars, but in the end, the tangible feeling of writing something down on paper is something I’m much more comfortable with.


If you’re trekking out and about, you have to carry around your gear somehow — the company got us covered! Previously, Automatticians were offered a custom designed Timbuk2 bag, but since then, Matt had battle tested the Aer Fit Pack 2 and made it another official choice to choose from.

The bag itself is super fun to carry around throughout city, I don’t why it is. It has the perfect size, not too bulky, but not too small either. I’m still able to carry all the essentials with room to spare (in fact, I think I might do a ‘what’s in my bag‘ post later — inspired by Matt’s posts #, #, #). Check out what other Automatticians are carrying around at Bagomattic:


I’ve somehow acquired the entire WP sunglasses collection through various avenues: the white/blue shades from a WordCamp, clear shades from the company store, & the black from my welcome package 😂😎

WP Sunglasses Trio
Variety for sunny days 🙂

That square WP case there is a small all-purpose earphone carrying case.


This Wapuu beanie will serve me nicely in the winter times. In Sapporo, our winter just barely ended heading into Spring mid-Spring. Soon enough, it’ll be winter again, and I’ll be able to put this guy to use.

Wapuu Beanie <3

Apparel (even for the kids!)

In addition to getting a couple hoodies and shirts for myself & Kosato, I was able to get some kiddo sized tees for Keimei too! He rocked the Wapuu tee to the nursery school the other day, heheh.

Business Cards

Not necessarily swag, nor is it really a perk, but we have the option of ordering our official company business cards through the company store. I envision I’ll be attending a lot more WordCamps more than before where I will be engaged in meishi koukan (until now, I’ve only been to two #, #), but in Japan at least, business cards go a long way in regards to establishing a professional network between employees of other companies.

Official Automattic Wear

Out of all the Automattic swag, I was only able to get my hands on this company branded hoodie! Everything was out of stock even for Automatticians! In the meantime, I’ve added myself to the email list for all the backordered items I’m hoping to eventually add to my wardrobe.


Swag is only a single what of the entire picture, it certainly makes working at Automattic much more fun! It falls in line with what they believe and stand for — remote work & culture. It is of course not the driving factor of why I want to work for this company. The whats of any company should never be the force behind why you want to work there or why you do something.

This post is part of a chronicled series titled, The ‘W’ Series, of how remote work came knocking at my door, and influenced my life for the better.

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