Sooo, Amazon decided to kick off our fourth wedding anniversary five days early…

Damnit Amazon, you could’ve at least packaged it in your usual Amazon shipping box. I mean, c’mon now, how are you gonna ship an LCD monitor bare naked like that?

Basically, I was wanted to surprise Kosato with a new monitor since she’s been working off of her 13inch MBP for a while now and has been hinting at the fact that she could really use a larger screen.

Hopped onto Amazon, did some research, and after much deliberation, I ended up ordering this bad boy 😀

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 1.09.52.png

The estimated delivery date was February 6th, just two days before our anniversary. That would’ve been perfect as I’d still have time to safely retrieve the package and hide it somewhere but apparently Amazon had different plans.

Let’s make no mistake here though — delivering a package three days earlier than the estimated arrival date is a prime example of WOW service, and I wish all my packages arrive as timely as this one did. Just not when I’m not the one to get it, particularly when I have a super secret surprise agenda to carry out.

It all worked out for the best though, and I just let her know right then via LINE — surprise!


On February 8th (today), we just had a small quiet dinner at home. I bought flowers and a cake. Kosato prepared katsu and roast beef. And she even had a surprise of her own to give me — new Puma swag!


Keimei was busy eating all the blueberries from our cake…


Speaking of which, he just turned two years old — the same day the monitor arrived actually! Come to think of it, February is quite a chaotic month for me. Three high priority events: Keimei’s birthday (2/3), our anniversary (2/8), Valentines (2/14).

bye bye, bye bye, BYE BYYYYYE

Well then, two down, one to go. Let’s get our Valentines game on!