It’s been nearly a week and a half since my new AirPods arrived at my doorstep and nestled their wireless selves into my ears, and well, what can I say — using them has been everything I expected — magical.

Let the unboxing ceremony commence

I will be quick to mention that it would have been nice if Apple provided other colors to choose from because like what other YT tech reviewers I follow have said (#, #), AirPods have been the butt of jokes in regards to how they look when you’re wearing them. 

But, if you can get past the looks, never had problems with EarPods falling out of your ears, are not an audiophile sound elitist, and care more about convenience factor like myself, you’ll likely come to love and enjoy these.

That’s what I paid for — absolute wireless bliss. The battery life has been more than enough to suit my daily lifestyle perfectly. With 5 hours of play time + 24 hours of charge in the case, I only had to completely recharge once since I first got these. I’ve haven’t had any issues with my AirPods falling out of my ears. And connecting to my iPhone, Mac, and other Apple devices have also never been so satisfyingly easy and seamless.


Now, I’m coming from using these GRDE Wireless earbuds, which were my first pair of wireless earbuds.

I bought these during the time when the whole wireless earbud craze was going on and tech companies were coming out with some of their first iterations of wireless earbuds. However, I won’t be throwing these under the bus completely.

In fact, if I were to compare sound quality, I would choose these over the AirPods. The GRDE buds pack some nice bass and sound-cancelling qualities that are just simply non-existent with the AirPods. However, these $50 buds did not come without their flaws, which is where the AirPods have come to rectify these pain points for me.

I’m really eager to take my AirPods out for a run, something I haven’t done yet because it’s still a blistering winter here in Sapporo, so I’m gonna have to wait a couple more months before the weather returns to a reasonable temperature. However, at the same time, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t at least a little bit worried about an AirPod popping outta my ear mid-run and finding itself a new home through the cracks of some sewage drain, or getting mercilessly run over by a passing vehicle. Regardless…

Here are some beats that have been on replay fiyahhh for the past week:

The bottom line is this: Apple, you’ve successfully continued your streak of taking my money, and in turn have left me with new first-world anxieties. <3