You win a contest to build your dream home. Draft the plans.

Bedrooms x3

  • Master bedroom
  • Child bedroom (maybe two?)
  • Guest bedroom

Living Room x1

Dining Room x1

Kitchen x1

So at the moment, this would be a modest 4LDK and IRL, I would be more than satisfied to have this kind of home, especially in Japan. But since we’re talking about a dream home, sh*t’s about to get real…


No more wasting time getting to the gym. No more wasting money on memberships.


Dance Studio

Because dance is my second love.


Playground x2 (indoor/outdoor)

For the little rascal 🙂


Skate Park

If you knew me in high school, then you know I’m all about that life.


Movie Theater

My wife and I can’t live without movies.



It’s standard.


Hot Spring

And finally, this is a big one, a completely 100% natural Hokkaido hot spring.



There it is. It’s a tall order and I would say I’m not even done thinking of other extensions, but that’s what my dream home would look like. One day, one day…

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